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dynamic fracture algorithm
my first Flash on The Beach is over, it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long while.
spending 4 days with talented flashers/designers/creatives/devs from around the world is really a unique experience. I had a chance to attend sessions by people I consider to be the best digital artists but also to find myself new heroes.

[update]an implementation of the incremental convex hull algorithm is available here

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song of the forklift

on Aug 26th, 2010
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today frank twitted a link: the sound of sorting algorithms

simply brillant.

so I’ve quickly put together a sample file to read the sound a of a 3D object.

you can slide or click the slidebar to seek some vertices, the panning is done according to the vertex’s X position, the frequency of the Sound is based on its Y & Z values.
there are funny sequences like the wheels or the seat.
I can’t remember where I found the forklift’s model :/

as I’m really not into sound or music, I’ve used Keith Peters’ Tone class pretty neat piece of code. some enhancement would include a better sound generation like the excellent as3fxr by my fellow elevator pitch sibling Thomas Vian or some effects.

anyway it is a proof of concept, I still can’t understand how to control the sound generation and anyway I suck at sound…
enjoy :)

icosahedron for pv3d

on Aug 22nd, 2010
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a couple of weeks ago, somebody asked me how I would do an icosahedron in 3D, to which I answered “dunno, maybe I’d follow something that explains how to build it”, which I did thanks to that person :)
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2 “new” 3D “primitives”

on May 25th, 2010
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