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PIXEL BENDER #2 distortions

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following my last PB post, here are some distortions.
the codes come from Mathmap and were converted into pixel bender (basically as an exercise…)
each animation has a start/stop button to run /stop the filter + a copy to clipboard button to copy / paste into the kernel’s evaluatePixel method (might need some extra parameters).

bulge, good old filter, still so funnny after all these years…

jitter performs some ‘broken glass’ effect with small amounts and a ‘flubby-evil-twin-face’ effect with big amounts

the good old ripples…still so kitsch

well this is supposed to be a mercator projection. on the MathMap site, the formula is wrong. Later we’ll talk about projections but anyway

slices maybe the less ugly of them all

that was it for a start.
no twirl in there but there are plenty around

here are the distortion sources: pixel bender filters 2
UPDATE: I’ve added a displace.pbk filter to the ZIP file. It performs the equivalent of a DisplacementMapFilter.

onwards to normalized space and its incredible outputs!

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