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on Oct 13th, 2010
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a quick note to thank everyone who took some time to vote for me to be part of the next FOTB.
it meant a lot to me, I did all I could and asked you (reader/followers) a lot.
it wasn’t enough though, I didn’t make it.
I’m glad, Tom, Tomek & Andreas are back for more next year ! I’ll be there, front row.
just wanted to thank you all for your support.

now back to work!
the official videos have been updated today :
and this would be me :)

my speech goes from fake self-confidence to approximate explanations and ends up in an unclear gooey mess.
note to self: “prepare a text and stick to it asshole.”

other videos can be seen there:
and on the official website:
some really cool shit inside \o/

elevator pitch bloopers

bloopers cover
or the bullets that you’ve dodged.
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“I’m not impressed at all…”

dynamic fracture algorithm
my first Flash on The Beach is over, it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long while.
spending 4 days with talented flashers/designers/creatives/devs from around the world is really a unique experience. I had a chance to attend sessions by people I consider to be the best digital artists but also to find myself new heroes.

[update]an implementation of the incremental convex hull algorithm is available here

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180 seconds of glory

on Jul 2nd, 2010
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ooooooooooooooh yeah!

I’m excited as a schoolgirl to announce that I’ll be speaking for a 180 extatic seconds during the next FOTB‘s elevator pitch.
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