giving something back to the Flash community

who…? me?

my name is Nicolas Barradeau ( pronounce ‘barado’ ).

I live in Paris, before that I spent 3 years in Hungary.
I fell into flash in 2004, it became my job in 2007.

I did the fine-arts until 2003 which means I have conceptual and graphics skills rather than a software ingeneer profile. I started coding during my studies, to make art and I’m always looking for new grounds to experiment.

my resume is there: http://fr.linkedin.com/in/nicoptere
my twitter is there: http://twitter.com/nicoptere
my mail is there: nicoptere@gmail.com
my phone: 00 33 628 473 347

anything you find useful here is yours.
a litlle word or a trackback is always appreciated :)


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