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PIXEL BENDER #4 projections

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following the Pixel Bender series, todays’ newcomer is a set of azimuthal projections.
some of you may know the little planet script: it’s like you take a panorama picture and turn it into a cute toon looking planet ( or the “rabbit-hole-sight” above).
I guess flickr did it first but not sure. anyway here you go for a couple of pictures.

now this being acknowledged, I found a set of azimuthal projections algorithms for Mathmap by Peter Gawthrop.
I ported them and here’s the result.

you should tweak the FOV and Z both ways for each method, there are interesting settings to find.

the best is to have a picture with a 2:1 ratio such as the one I used:

( plucked here).

the method describes which method is being used:

you’ll get more descriptions there : http://www.progonos.com/furuti/MapProj/Dither/ProjAz/projAz.html
an off you go with the source code:

oh yeah and since last time somebody complained ( and just didn’t care reading my mail… made me so glad… ) about whatever not working. The sources are given AS SUCH with no warranty of any kind that it will work on your computer.
I consider that if it works for me, it’s worth being shared at least for learning purpose.

anyway this one’s pretty useless…
the best would be to merge pictures dynamically. I tried a couple of ideas but it doesn’t seem to work…
I’ll find a way :)
so enjoy

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