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with fire I walk

on May 30th, 2010
about: effects, graphics
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with fire I walk
here’s a little class to perform a über kitsch “wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha” effect ( featuring the burning scroll of the necromancer of the darkness of the lost lands of the middle earth… of death ).
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activator inhibitor

on Nov 27th, 2009
about: actionscript 3, effects, graphics
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the activator / inhibitor process is what creates the dots and stripes on animal skins. it creates very interesting patterns.
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hair / fur

on Oct 9th, 2009
about: effects, graphics
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… Bilbo, Bulbous Bilbo
Hairy, Hairy Hobbit Hero …

in The Pimp, The Bitch & The Magic Beans – intestinal fortitude by Nuclear Rabbit
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tiling fun

a little study around the tiles.
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