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strange attractor

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now 2 years ago I wanted to achieve a strange-attractor generator.
I painfully managed to implement a Lorenz attractor but that was all.

click to respanwn
the first 20 attractors are presets (rendered in white) then it looks for actual random attractors
so it takes time…
can take minutes…
when an attractor is found, the settings are copied to clipboard so that you can paste it to the settings array.

I warmly recommend the following readings:

and to download the PDF version of Julien C. Sprott’s book. even though I couldn’t understand everything (far from it) I managed to get a couple of interesting concepts.
the version above is not the most powerful that can be achieved. it ‘only’ uses 6 parameters where we could use up to 26.

source code here: Main.as
(Once again) I only ported Julien’s java version that can be found here:http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/java/attract/attract.htm.
otherwise, I was supposed to post Pixel Bender sutff but as this one obsessed me for two years it deserved a little post.
hope you like it so much as I do ^^

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